Overseas Projects - African Continent




Community Care Incorporated is an Australian based charity located at Seven Hills (Sydney) NSW.

The charity is set up to provide infrastructure projects in underdeveloped countries and is able to offer 100% tax deductibility for Australian residents and businesses.


CCI has a network of industry professionals who are able to design and implement infrastructure projects such as:


  • Remote area power - solar off grid electricity
  • Solar water pumping and water filtration
  • Building and construction supervision and knowledge transfer.



During 2014 CCI implemented:


  • A solar electricity project for a chicken farm in Uganda
  • Provided training in carpentry machine shop operation and knowledge transfer in Tugela Ferry - South Africa
  • Feasibility study for remote area power to a medical clinic and orphanage in western Uganda - Kasese region



Projects Planned for 2015:


  • Solar water pumping at Tugela Ferry
  • “Solar Cart “ - a mobile cart designed to provide power to charge phones and provide enough power to run a roadside barbershop - Uganda
  • Provide a corn grinding mill and power to run the mill for local chicken farmers for cheaper feed stock - Uganda.



Future Projects:


  • Waterbore and pumping - Ibanda (Uganda)
  • Off Grid Electricity - Emmaus Community  (Uganda)
  • Medical Clinic off-grid - Tugela Ferry (South Africa)





See some photos and videos of projects below.















                  Chicken Farm Uganda                      Robert Tumuhimbise                      Solar Power Uganda